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            The Law Office of Glen Colin Gonnet is a family law firm located in Austin, Texas.  We have provided family law services in practice areas within family law including divorce, child support, modifications of custody orders and support orders, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, adoption of children and termination of parental rights, grandparent rights, and other areas of family law since 1999. 

Glen Colin Gonnet is an experienced Austin family law attorney and Austin divorce lawyer who specializes in representing clients in a variety of family law matters including divorce, child custody and support, modifications, adoption and termination of parental rights as an Austin divorce lawyer.
            Divorce is a difficult decision to make.  It is important to understand the basics to the process of divorce law in Texas regardless of whether you are certain that you want to end your marriage or if you a simply contemplating your options.  If you have decided that a divorce in the Austin and surrounding area is necessary, it is crucial that you have the assistance and counsel of an experienced Austin divorce lawyer.  Preserving one's long term financial stability is very important and should involve a knowlegeble Austin divorce lawyer as soon as possible.  If you have a divorce or other family law issue in the Austin area and need the services of an experience Austin divorce lawyer or family law attorney, please contact the Law Offices of Glen Colin Gonnet at (512) 472-3238 or provie your basic information by clicking the link below.

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Leigh A. Gonnet

           When you are arrested for an offense, it is important that you understand the proceedings you are facing.  Please remember, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  However, what you don't know about your legal rights could hurt your case.  You need and deserve an attorney who can explain all the aspects of your case and discuss what to expect from the Criminal Justice System.  As a former prosecutor for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Leigh has worked with several law enforcement agencies and peace officers, including state troopers, Travis County deputy sherriffs, and Austin Police Department officers.  Leigh has significant experience questioning police officers under oath.  Now, as a defense attorney, I can offer my insight into how to defend you against the charges and how to attack the state's case against you. 

Call us today at 472-3238 today for a free initial review and consultation of your case.  We understand how inportant your case is to you.  We return all telephone calls in a timely manner.  We offer payment plans and accept credit card payments.

            Please take action to preserve your rights, and get help quickly.  If you have not selected an attorney to represent you, I would like to offer my services.  Please call today or click on the link below and complete the form below so that I may begin working on your case immediately.

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