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Glen C. Gonnet​

As an experienced family law and divorce attorney in Austin, TX, Glen C. Gonnet knows how important it is for clients to understand the basics of divorce law whether they want to end their marriage or contemplate their options. When you are confident that filing for divorce is necessary for resolving your specific marital issues, seek attorney Gonnet’s legal assistance and counsel as he can help you preserve your long-term financial stability.

Leigh A. Gonnet

If you are arrested for a criminal offense, you must understand the proceedings you are facing. Although you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, what you do not know about your legal rights could hurt your case. You need an attorney like Leigh A. Gonnet, who can explain all aspects of your case and discuss what to expect from the criminal justice system in Texas.
Attorney Gonnet is a criminal defense attorney specializing in handling various criminal law cases, including DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). As a former prosecutor for the Texas Department of Public Safety, she has worked with several law enforcement agencies and peace officers, including state troopers, Travis County deputy sheriffs, and Austin Police Department officers. She also has significant experience questioning police officers under oath. Attorney Gonnet knows how to defend you against your charges and handle the state’s case against you.

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